Could hypnosis help me?

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Hypnosis can help with a wide range of problems, and is supported by solid scientific evidence. Studies show that hypnosis can be useful for issues such as depression, stress, chronic pain and anxiety, as well as in assisting people to change negative habits and even to lose weight. Hypnosis can also be a great adjunct therapy to try alongside counselling.

You can find out more about hypnosis and how it can help in this introductory video:

Hypnosis at home

If you’d like to try using hypnosis to help with your personal development or healing, but you’re not sure who to trust or where to start, I recommend browsing through the catalogue at Hypnosis Downloads. The site contains more than 1200 professionally-produced, affordable self-hypnosis MP3s, so there is an excellent chance that you can find your very specific concern or issue and start working on it immediately. Each track is worked on by four professional hypnotherapists and has a money-back guarantee.

I’ve found Hypnosis Downloads makes hypnosis highly accessible and have personally found their MP3s to be very effective. Like online counselling, self-hypnosis is private and convenient. That means you can use these effective MP3s anywhere and anytime that suits you. This could be especially useful if you want to start working on a sensitive issue by yourself, or you want a way to manage difficult emotions between counselling sessions. Hypnosis can also help if scheduling appointments or getting out of the house is a problem. You can listen to these self-hypnosis tracks again and again to reinforce their effectiveness.

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